Helping Adelaide Homeowners Pay Off The Family Home And Live Mortgage Free In As Little As 7 Years

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become mortgage free faster

Our specialists can show you how property investing can actually help you pay off the family home in as little as 7 years


Develop an investing strategy to suit your individual situation and help reach your financial goals faster


Access to exclusive deals and discounts in high-performing suburbs and regions to give you the best return on your investment often saving you thousands (and before they're made available to the public)

build wealth

Identify high-performing suburbs and regions to give you the best return on your investment

Reduce your Tax

Find high yield cash-flow positive properties that not only generate a great rental income, but also allow for up to $12,000 in tax depreciation benefits each year.

Our Property Specialists Are Always Exceeding Expectations


an experienced property investment specialist

Our specialists are finance and property experts with exceptional knowledge when it comes to strategic solutions to help South Australian homeowners pay off their home loans faster. Using data driven research and proven techniques they'll help you pinpoint the right investment property to complIment your future goals (if you're not sure what your goals are yet, they can help you identify them too).
They specialise in locating high-performing investment properties that not only help to pay off. the family home in as little as 7 years, but also significantly reduce the tax you pay as well.

About The investor Accelerator CREATORS

Daniel & Lisa Baxter | Property Investor Accelerator Co-creators

Daniel and Lisa started the Property Investor Accelerator to help Australian residents find and purchase the right property to match their investing goals. 

Matching investors with qualified property experts and helping them get the support they need to avoid some of the most common and costly mistakes when buying an investment property.

The Property Investor Accelerator and its Experts specialise in finding cash-flow positive properties that pay for themselves and help their investors build profitable portfolios faster.

Property Helper partners with the Property Investor Accelerator and Industry experts to help everyday Australians find the best investment property to suit their individual goals. Our specialist partners provide a FEE-FREE service to help source unique ‘Positive Cash Flow’ properties to help build wealth faster.

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