What To Do If You've Been Thinking Of Downsizing

If you're like most people we chat with, you probably have a bit of a love/hate relationship with your current home.

On one hand it’s likely the place you’ve spent many happy years in… possibly even raised your family there. 

It’s full of so many memories and big life events. Like birthdays, graduations, engagements and maybe even weddings. 

To you, EVERYTHING worth remembering has happened in THAT home. 

And even though you may have often toyed with the idea of downsizing to something smaller (especially when something needs fixing – again!), you then find yourself shaking your head, brushing it off as a silly thought, thinking ‘I’m too old to move and start again’.

You probably don’t even know how you could, especially if it feels like your home is a part of who you are!

And we get it, we hear the same concerns from people just like you.

But, let me ask you a question… Does it really have that SAME feel that it used too?

What was once a hub of activity, when the incessant noise and chatter would be driving you up the wall (although you’d give anything to hear it again) is now awfully still and quiet and dare we say it… LONELY ?

The kids have probably moved out (and moved on) and although they said they’d visit, it’s nowhere near as often as you hoped. 

You’re now left with extra rooms and unused space, but they still seem to need the same amount of cleaning as the rest of the house (how can one room collect so much dust?).

The little odd jobs that used to be few and far between are now a constant reminder that this home you love so much is showing its age (aren’t we all?). Those occasional and inexpensive cosmetic repairs just don’t seem to cut it anymore and they just keep adding up making life more difficult when it should be getting easier.  

And in the back of your mind, you probably know that downsizing to something a little more manageable is the smart thing to do, but you just haven’t been able to make the move. 

But What's Holding You Back From Moving On?

Because you know you can take your memories with you. So what else is holding you back? 

I mean your kids have probably even suggested it to you more than once. But if you’re like most parents, you’ve more than likely just fobbed it off as a passing comment that they didn’t really mean. 

And you wouldn’t be the first either. In years gone by it was probably the case. The majority of people in your exact situation held onto their big family homes because the kids almost expected that it’s something they would inherit. However, with the pension well below the required amount for most people to enjoy anything close to the lifestyle they deserve in retirement, this outlook and opinion has started to change.

And it’s not because people want to be greedy, we know you’re far from it. It’s actually the exact opposite. A recent Facebook Poll we conducted showed us that 8/10 children surveyed said they would prefer their parents enjoyed their lives to the fullest rather than skimping, budgeting and staying in the old family home, just so they could leave it to them.

Surprising hey?! 

So if you had your kids blessing, not that you need it, but if you had it, what would you do? Would you make that decision?

It might sound strange, but the very thing you’re trying so desperately to hold onto and pass on, may actually be the one thing that’s holding you back.

What if by downsizing your home, and moving into something that suits you better, you could actually be upgrading your life and enjoying your family even more? 

Moving in to a new home (that costs less than your current one), enjoying less headaches whilst still being close to everything you want around you.

What if you could find something that’s still your very own and easy to maintain (and no, we don’t mean a retirement village – you’re not that old right? – we mean your very own freestanding home). 

And you can be even closer to all the people and activities you love. 

Doesn’t sound like a bad trade-off does it? 

Imagine being able to pay off your current mortgage, move into your brand new home, top up your superannuation a little, and still have some money left over for a few fabulous holidays, nice restaurants, and maybe even spoiling the grandkids a little. 

What if all that was possible, simply because you made the decision to move from ‘A’ (your old home that’s too big for you) to ‘B’ (your fabulous new home that you wished you’d found years ago)?

Well it 100% is!

BUT, we know the thought of moving on is pretty daunting. 

And from helping so many clients through this process, we’ve been able to identify the area’s where you’ll more than likely want some extra help and support. 

That’s why we created the ‘Downsize to Upgrade’ Program.

To take the stress, pressure and uncertainty away for Queensland residents wanting to downsize.

As a member of the Program, you'll receive FREE advice and access to:

Downsize Lifestyle Expert

To guide you through the entire process - helping you find the perfect location and home design (and to ensure you don't make any costly mistakes or get ripped off) - plus you'll get access to any ‘wholesale’ off-market deals and discounts you can't get anywhere else.

Finance Specialist

If you don't already have a financial adviser to help you manage your finances and ensure you’re set up with the best options regarding your needs and your future plans taking into account any Pensions/Super etc, we can recommend a Downsize Finance Specialist to you.

The Downsizer Report

Plus you'll receive a copy of ‘Downsize Your Home, Upgrade Your Life’ The Complete Guide (value $49), which gives you everything you need to consider when making this big life decision.

So, if you want to upgrade your lifestyle and downsize your current home now is the perfect time to start the conversation! Because as a QLD resident you may be eligible to receive the ‘Downsize to Upgrade' Program for FREE.

To Apply, all you need to do is complete our short questionnaire (it only takes 40 seconds) and one of our Downsize Lifestyle Experts will be in touch – most likely with some really good news! 

We’ll make sure you avoid the most common downsizing mistakes and regrets and help you choose the perfect home and location to suit your needs, budget, timeframe, and lifestyle, without you having to compromise on what you want! 

Find out today if you’re part of the 80% of QLD residents who qualify for FREE help.

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