Real Estate First –  2019 “First Home Buyer Accelerator” Giving Thousands of Dollars in Free Services to Help Buy Your First Home Faster!

Australian first home buyers could be eligible to receive thousands of dollars in free services, builder discounts and expert assistance when buying new or building their first home. Check Your Eligibility Here

First home buyers all across Australia have recently learned about the 2019 First Home Buyer Accelerator that gives qualified first-time buyers as much as $10,000-$20,000 in discounts, savings and expert help and assistance to make it easier for them to get into the property market.

Educators and specialists in the first home buyer market segment introduced the First Home Buyer Accelerator earlier this year (to a select group of 100 first-time buyers) to help them get into their first property asap given the challenges they face with ever-increasing property prices.

Industry experts are calling it “the smartest first home buyer stimulus program in the last 5 years.” Needless to say, this Accelerator program is getting incredibly popular with first home buyers who want to receive big discounts and free assistance, and most importantly get out of the rental rat race and into their first homes faster.

It’s not hard to imagine why, but banks are loving this new program because it’s creating ‘smarter’ first home buyers. They know ‘SMART’ buyers can negotiate better prices, not overpay and have better chances of meeting their mortgage repayments without incurring any financial stress. Which makes them an ideal customer. The First Home Buyer Accelerator is even helping many first time buyers start the process with a low deposit if they have minimal debt and a good income to service their home loan.

First Home Buyers Click Here to see if you qualify for the ‘Accelerator’ before it’s full.

The end date for this First Home Buyer Accelerator hasn’t been announced, but it’s not likely to last very long given there are only have 1500 spots available (with 100 gone already from the trial). With close to 100,000 people buying their first home each year, you’ll need to get in quick and apply for the Accelerator or miss out!

Given the limited spots available and how much easier this makes buying your first home, it’s extremely important that first home buyers check their eligibility ASAP.

It only takes 40 seconds and it’s completely free to find out how you can be first in line and get access as soon as it is released in your area.

How Do You Qualify? (and be one of the 1500 first home buyers to receive assistance)

  • Step 1 – Have started saving for your deposit already
  • Step 2 – You must want to buy a house and land package, new apartment or new townhouse (can be any type of property, but it has to be NEW so you can take advantage of the First Home Owner Grant and other concessions in your State)
  • Step 3 – Answer a few simple questions that take less than 40 seconds to complete
  • Step 4 – A ‘First Home Buyer Accelerator’ Specialist will give you a call to confirm your eligibility and secure one of the remaining spots left (Australia wide).

Click On Your State Below To Apply Today

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