Popular “First  Home Buyer Accelerator” Programme REOPENS to Give Thousands of Dollars in Free Services to Help First Home Buyers!

Updated 8 June, 2020

*** The Australian Government announced on Thursday, June 4th, 2020 a NEW $25,000 HomeBuilder Scheme, allowing eligible Australian Citizens wishing to build a new home, access to an extra $25,000 on top of the First Home Owner Grant offered by their State. Depending on the State you live in (and the extra grants on offer) first home buyers eligible for both grants could receive anywhere between $35,000 – $65,000 in grants and exemptions when building their first home! This HomeBuilder Scheme will run until December 31, 2020, so don’t miss out ***

The popular National programme which is helping Australian first home buyers has reopened its doors to help even more first time buyers save thousands when buying or building a new home. You may now eligible to receive exclusive builder discounts and expert assistance FREE when buying new or building your first home.

First home buyers all across Australia have learned about the recently ‘reopened’ Accelerator programme that gives qualified first-time buyers as much as $10,000 – $20,000 in discounts and savings along with expert help and assistance to make it easier for them to get into the property market.

Educators and experts in the first home buyer market introduced the First Home Buyer Accelerator in early 2019 (to a select group of 100 first-time buyers) to help them get into their first property faster and without overpaying.

Andrew from South Australia was one of them and he was able to purchase a house and land package in the Inner South, and got started with just $12,000 saved.

Jon from NSW, joined the programme earlier this year and has just secured himself a house and land package in Newcastle with $20,000 (less than 5% deposit)

Darryl from WA, took advantage of a great low deposit option and purchased his house and land package with just a $3,000 deposit.

Riza, purchased their brand new house and land package in South East Melbourne and only need $19,000 to get started.

Michelle from QLD, is now living in her brand new home in Ripley, thanks to her specialists who was able to find her a great home within her budget with just a small $10,000 deposit.

These are just a few examples of the first home buyers getting started because of the Accelerator. And what’s made the programme so incredibly popular is the selection of specialists they all have had access to. Depending on their budget, first-time buyers have a number of choices over where they want to live and the type of new property they want to buy or build, and there are some pretty considerable discounts they’ll receive access to that often aren’t available to the public.

First Home Buyer's purchasing new properties
Multiple options available for first-time buyers wanting to purchase a new property

Banks are loving the Accelerator as it’s creating ‘smarter’ first home buyers who are more likely to get home loan approval and meet their monthly repayments. The program also works with a select group of mortgage brokers who specialise in helping people with low-deposits, PLUS, there are certain banks who allow buyers to use their rental ledger (the money they’ve been paying in rent each week) to boost their deposit, which could mean the difference between being able to buy your own home or waiting another year or two.

A close date for this First Home Buyer Accelerator hasn’t been announced, but it’s not likely to last very long given there are only 1500 spots available.

Given the limited spots available and how much easier this makes buying your first home, it’s extremely important that first home buyers check their eligibility ASAP.

For first home buyers wanting to apply, it only takes 40 seconds. It’s a 100% FREE service and is not considered a credit inquiry so your application will not affect your credit report or score.

How Can You Qualify?

  • Step 1 – Have started saving for your deposit already (the more the better, however, the Accelerator program can often help people who have saved at least $9000 – in select locations of SA and WA, it can be as little as $1,000 – $1,500)
  • Step 2 – You must want to build a new home or buy a new townhouse or apartment (can be any type of property, but it has to be NEW so you can take advantage of the First Home Owner Grant and other concessions in your State)
  • Step 3 – Answer a few simple questions via the First Home Buyer Accelerator Website (by clicking the button below) which takes less than 40 seconds to complete

Once you’ve submitted your application you’ll be matched with a ‘First Home Buyer Accelerator’ Specialist in your area who will give you a call to confirm your eligibility and secure one of the available spots.

Limited Spots *Open to Australian residents Nation wide.

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