2021 Property Investor Game-Changer

[NEW] INVESTOR “ACCELERATOR” Program Is Giving Free Help To Australian Residents To Go From Homeowner To Property Investor – Even Without A Cash Deposit Saved!

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ANZ, a major Australian lender revised their house price forecast for 2021, now expecting the market to rebound strongly this year, seeing gains of around 17% nationally*

With the recent positive news and predictions of a property market rebound, eager property investors are now in the race to purchase their first investment property to start building their future wealth. Not only are they keen to take advantage of the predicted growth across Australian capital cities and regional hubs, but they’re also front and centre for acceptance into a NEW program to kick-start their investing journey the smart way. Check Your Eligibility Here.

Aspiring property investors, Australia wide, have recently learned about the 2021 Property Investor Accelerator Program that allows qualified beginner and intermediate investors to receive thousands of dollars in free help, discounts and deals so they can get their first (or second) investment property often 6-12 months faster than they thought possible. For many, this means they can say goodbye to that ‘30 year Mortgage hanging over their head’ and often pay off their own home 10-15 years faster.

Educators and experts in the property investment space introduced the ‘Accelerator Program’ in mid-2020 (to a select group of first-time investors). The purpose was to help them successfully purchase their first investment property without having to dip into their own savings

Property Investors and real estate experts are touting it as “the perfect program for new investors who want to speed up the process and start building a profitable property portfolio sooner.” Needless to say, the ‘Accelerator’ is becoming incredibly popular with aspiring first and second-time investors as they’re able to gain access to personalised help and advice from their own property investment specialist.

Banks and lenders alike are giving the Accelerator program the thumbs up as it’s creating ‘smarter’ investors who are more likely to gain loan approval, and meet their monthly requirements without issues. The Accelerator also works with a select group of lenders who specialise in helping homeowners use the equity in their current property to purchase their next. Often meaning no extra cash savings are required to put towards their deposit.

This could mean the difference between being able to purchase an investment property now or waiting another year or two when property prices have gone up.

New Property Investors: Click here to see if you qualify for the ‘Accelerator’ Program before all spots are taken »

The end date for the Accelerator Program hasn’t been announced. BUT it’s extremely important that interested property investors check their eligibility ASAP to take advantage, as Industry rumors suggest this program could be ending in the next 3-months.

It only takes 30 seconds and it’s completely FREE to find out how you can be first in line and to get access to the 2021 Accelerator Program (before the nationwide launch).

Check Below To See If You’re Eligible To Be A Part Of The ‘Property Investor Accelerator Program’ [FREE]!

  • Currently, own your own property in Australia (this can be owned outright or still have a mortgage on it) and you believe the value of your property has increased since you purchased it.
    Have at least $40,000 – $50,000 in savings that can be used towards a deposit.
  • Currently employed and have a yearly household income of approximately $80,000
  • You’re looking to start your property investment journey and want to make sure you get it right from the beginning!

If you answered YES to the 3 questions above there is a very good chance that you’ll be accepted into the ‘Accelerator’, which means access to thousands of dollars of help, deals, and discounts from a Property Investment Specialists at no cost to you!

How Do You Take Advantage Of This Program And Secure Your Spot?

  • Step 1 – Complete the 30-second ‘Investor Qualifier’
  • Step 2 – Have a quick 10 minute (no obligation) phone call with one of our ‘Property Investment Specialists’ to confirm your eligibility and reserve your spot (open to first and second-time property investors Australia wide).

Click Here To Claim Your Spot in the ‘Property Investor Accelerator’ Program Today!


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