How Australian Homeowners Are Getting Ahead Of A Frighteningly Low Super Fund Balance To Enjoy Their Future Retirement

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If you were asked to live off $434 a week for the next 20 years, could you do it without giving up all the things you love? 

Because for Australian’s who retire at 65 years of age with an average super fund balance of just under $418,000, that’s what they’ll be surviving off if they live until 85, less if they’re lucky to live longer (this stat is for Australian males, unfortunately, for females, it’s even less)¹.

This is why so many Australian’s in their 40’s and 50’s are starting to wonder if their super alone is enough to give them the type of lifestyle and security they want in retirement.

Now it’s not all doom and gloom for everyone. There are many Australian’s who have chosen to invest in shares and property outside of their super. Unfortunately, according to the ASX most recent Australian ‘Investor Study 2020’² it equates to less than half the adult population (46%)². Meaning over 10,000,000 Australians currently rely on their super, aged pension, or a combination of both, to get them through their twilight years.

Leaving a lot of people asking themselves, ‘how am I meant to live off $434 a week for the next 20 years?’

But it’s the wrong question to be asking. 

A better question is ‘How can I change this?

Unfortunately, the truth is, not everyone can.

However, if you’re a homeowner (and your property is worth more than the loan you have against it), or you have some healthy savings you can access, there is a way. 

The Property Investor Accelerator Program specialises in helping first time investors find the right investment properties to make up for the shortfall in their super. 

Which means living a completely different lifestyle when they retire, one where they can do the activities they want, take holidays, dinner with friends and visit family without the constant worry about money.

And the good news is, 7 out of 10 Australian’s who have had their own home for at least 2+ years and are earning an income above $80,000 (this can be a joint with a partner) are eligible to apply.  

The Accelerator helps people start to take action to build their wealth through property investing. Using the world’s most proven and powerful wealth-building asset class – Real Estate! 

Billionaire Andrew Carnegie famously said that ‘90% of millionaires got their wealth by investing in real estate‘. And this is still the case.

But not just any real estate as not all property is equal. Not every investment property will solve the lack of super or wealth when you retire, it has to be the right property!

One that grows (appreciates) in value faster than the average property because of things like its location, rental demand, and scope for improvement to add value. 

This is where The Accelerator and their team of specialists play a major role in getting this right for their clients.

Purchasing the right kind of property doesn’t happen by chance.

The Accelerator matches every client with a property specialist who has the experience, skill, knowledge, proprietary property data, and insights to allow them to safely predict the right property to help their clients achieve their investing goals. This way they eliminate any potential risk of buying an underperforming (lemon) property. 

Minimising risk when making an investment of any kind is paramount. 

Which is why the Property Investor Accelerator program was created. 

The program was designed to help Australian’s find investment properties that will most likely achieve above-average capital growth and positive cash flow (meaning the property ends up paying for itself sooner). 

The Accelerator operates Australia wide and recently reopened to accept a further 60 applicants for the second quarter of 2021. 2020 saw an extensive waitlist, capping out at 250 members so interested parties are encouraged to act quickly to avoid disappointment.

However, the Property Investor Accelerator program only accepts 20 new applicants each month. This is due to the careful process each member is taken through to thoroughly understand how best to help them reach their investing goals as fast as possible.

To apply and secure one of the 60 free spots for quarter 2 of 2021, take the short 30-second ‘Investor Qualifier’ to see if you’re eligible for FREE help from one of their Property Investor Specialists. You’ll be matched with a specialist who will contact you to see how they can help you create a strategy that has you looking forward to retirement, instead of delaying it.

¹ QSuper – Average super balances for Australians by age

² ASX-Australian-Investor-Study-2020

We recommended to seek independent financial advice to see if investing in Property is the right decision for your individual situation

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