Here’s How One Adelaide Couple Took Advantage of FREE Expert Help & Became Mortgage-Free In 5 Years

Without Changing Their Lifestyle Or Earning More Money!

Paul & Cheryl were in their 40’s, they’d been paying off their home for the past 10 years and hadn’t really made much of a dent in the dreaded 30-year ball and chain mortgage.

They figured they’d forever be in debt, always owing money to the bank.

Cheryl even said that the thought of actually owning their own home seemed like a pipe dream, so she put it on their bucket list (right next to climbing Everest 😂).

But they did it!

Paul and Cheryl paid off their home in full, 5 years, 2 months, and 17 days after their first meeting with Brian.

🏠 Home Paid Off In Just 5 Years

✅ Tick That One Off The Bucket List 🪣

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Now, this may seem counterintuitive (Paul & Cheryl thought the same), but hear us out.

Just like many Australian homeowners, Paul & Cheryl always thought owning more than one property was just for the wealthy 💰

They thought property investing was only for people who had a lot of money and they didn’t think they’d ever have that kind of cash.

Lucky for Cheryl and Paul, a friend, who Brian had helped the year before, suggested they have a chat after Paul had mentioned it was one of their ‘it will probably never happen’ bucket list items.

Long story short, they made an appointment to see Brian (they figured they had nothing to lose as their friend told them his service was fee-free), and after discussing their situation, Brian was able to show Paul & Cheryl that it was actually very possible to afford an investment property – potentially even 2 – without changing their current lifestyle or earning more money.

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And the best news was, those investment properties would be the very thing that would help them pay off their family home many years faster!
FAST FORWARD 4 weeks after their first meeting and Brian was helping them sign contracts for their first investment property.

A brand new 3 bedroom townhouse in a growing suburb of Adelaide for just $405,000.

Once complete it was rented out in 4 days and Paul & Cheryl were receiving $125 a week more than the property was costing them. Positive cash flow from day one. ✅💰

They were pretty excited at how things had been going, and given how easy Brian had made the process they decided to purchase their second investment property just 12 months after they’d bought their first. Once again in another growing suburb of Adelaide with high rental demand.

So now they had 2 investment properties in under 2 years when they thought they’d never even manage one. 🙌

They both cost nothing to own, they’re increasing in value every year and they’re also bringing in an extra $250 a week in positive cash flow – which they used to put towards paying off their family home faster. 🤯

It’s just a couple of months over 5 years since Paul & Cheryl first met with Brian, and they now own their own home outright.


Cash flow positive properties, growing suburbs, tax-reducing strategies and clever investing is how they did it.

And you know what the best thing is?

Paul and Cheryl’s investing journey isn’t an unusual one. There are plenty of other Adelaide investors following the exact same strategy. Who knows, you might even live down the road from one?

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