(AI Driven) 2020 BUILDER Breakthrough – New “Box-SEAT” strategy ELIMINATES the reliance on expensive ‘Display Homes’ to generate leads.

Builders are embracing innovative marketing methods that put them in the ‘Box Seat’ to WIN more business from motivated first home buyers, remove their reliance on display homes and overshadow their competition. 

This is especially important given titled land is being snapped up as quickly as it’s being released and first home buyers are front and centre ready to pounce. 

Add into the mix the $25K HomeBuilder Scheme (on top of the existing FHOG’s and Regional Boosts in some locations) and it’s easy to see why first time buyers are taking action

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Builders all across Australia have recently learned about the First Home Buyer Buddy’s‘ ‘Box-SEAT’ strategy which launched early last year. The unique system created by Co-Founders Lisa and Daniel Baxter, from First Home Buyer Buddy, utilise multiple sources of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that allows them to identify a greater number of buyers who are financially capable of transacting, but yet to take that first step and visit a land estate or display home.

First Home Buyer Buddy clients utilising the ‘Box-SEAT’ strategy are loving the fact they’re almost always the first person to speak to that buyer, which really does put them in the ‘Box-SEAT’ to win their business.

Daniel knows the power of being first to the table, especially in regional locations. ‘We know in most areas where the size of the population is working against you, home building is a super competitive industry. To have that first conversation, before your competition even has the chance to, is critical to locking in a sale’.

The first home buyer buddy team initially introduced the ‘Box-SEAT’ strategy (to a select group of property companies and builders in SEQ). The aim was to help them move away from being reliant on their display homes as their chief source of new business (given it wasn’t something they could scale or actively measure the ROI on). 

‘We were constantly hearing the same story’, said Lisa, ‘Builders would comment they felt like they did all the hard work marketing their display home for the buyers to just walk out their door and straight into the competitors. The more they spend to get people there, the more opportunity they give the builder next door.’ 

Daniel added, ‘It’s a crazy system when you think about it, but the land estate owners don’t care so much as they just want the land sold, they don’t really care which builder gets the job done.’ 

That sentiment rings true in the ears of many builders. Often they believe they’ll get support from the developers and they’ll be spending big dollars getting people through the estate. But do they really? More often than not It ends up being left to the builder to get their own buyers through the door.

The ‘Box-SEAT’ strategy is becoming incredibly popular with all builders both volume and small who want the chance to escape the expensive and old-school ‘display home’ cycle and put their marketing dollars into more effective strategies that find their ideal buyers.

First Home Buyer Buddy clients not only love the opportunity to speak to a buyer (lead) who WANTS to speak to them, they know it’s exclusively their lead and that buyer isn’t about to be hounded by another 5 builders or property spruikers trying to sell them. something. 

Co-founders Lisa Baxter and Daniel Baxter

Builders: Check below to see if you qualify for the ‘Box-SEAT’ Strategy in your area before all spots are gone

Due to the nature of the (AI) Artificial Intelligence the First Home Buyer Buddy and their ‘Box-SEAT’ strategy uses, spots in their marketing program are limited (particularly for regional areas where they will only work with a maximum of 2 companies at a time), however, in some smaller areas you may have this exclusively to yourself.

The ‘Box-SEAT’ strategy works from an algorithm base that is built on finance qualifying questions. With a potential buyers intent focused on whether or not they have the financial means to transact, not just the desire. This is another unique element that ensures the buyer or lead quality generated through the ‘Box-SEAT’ strategy is at a much higher level than any standard marketing system most builders currently utilise.

The ‘Box-SEAT’ strategy weeds out the buyers that most builders don’t want to talk to, hence increasing their contact and sales conversion rates. 

Spots are limited which is why the First Home Buyer Buddy team will only work with no more than 2 builders in any one regional location. It’s extremely important that interested builders and property companies, wanting to give themselves the best chance of securing a spot, check their eligibility ASAP.

To be first in line to get access to the ‘Box-SEAT’ strategy in your area It only takes 30 seconds to apply.

Check Below To See If You’re Eligible To Be A Part Of The ‘Box-SEAT’ strategy.

  • You’re a builder or property company in Regional QLD that has a focus on helping and building homes for first time buyers.
  • You must already be building at least 10 homes per year and have the goal and capacity to at least double that.
  • You’ve already got a great reputation for building quality homes and looking after your clients (they can’t fix bad business practices or reviews). 

P.S Having a big well-known brand is not required! This strategy works for big and small builders who want to outsmart their competition.

If you answered YES to all 3 questions there is a great chance your company would be a fit for the First Home Buyer Buddy’s ‘Box-SEAT’ strategy.

How To Secure Your Spot?

  • Step 1 – Answer the simple survey that will take you less than 30 seconds to complete
  • Step 2 – Submit your information and one of the First Home Buyer Buddy Co-Founders will give you a call to discuss your growth plans and tell you a little more about how the ‘Box-SEAT’ strategy works, and if it could work for you.

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