Are you thinking of Buying or Building new?  (so you can take advantage of the first home owner grant)

Sign Up for the NSW First Home Buyer Accelerator

Jump The Queue And Receive Thousands of Dollars In Discounts & FREE Help

As part of the First Home Buyer Accelerator You'll Receive FREE Access To

Your new home build specialist to guide you through the entire building process – helping you find the perfect block of land, quality builder & home design (and to ensure you don’t make any costly mistakes or get ripped off)

Exclusive first home buyer builder discounts and land specials that will save you thousands of dollars (you can’t access these anywhere else)

First home buyer finance broker (if you don’t already have one) to find the perfect home loan for your individual situation (with the best terms and interest rates – even if you only have a small deposit) + they’ll apply for all your Government grants and exemptions (so you don’t have to)

Membership to the First Home Buyer Buddy РAustralia’s only online programme helping you save money, time and stress when buying and building your first home (valued at $996).

If you want to buy or build a brand new property in NSW

You've already started saving your deposit (could be as little as $10,000)

And your current take home pay (after tax) is at least $1000+ p/w (single or combined income with your partner)

It's Good news...

There is a very good chance that you’re eligible to receive FREE assistance (on top of the Government’s First Homeowner Grant) with the First Home Buyer Accelerator

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