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About 2 years ago, Michael and Janice started thinking about their financial future. They were keen to invest in property and hopefully retire a couple years early, but they really didn’t know where to start or even if it was doable.

They were already homeowners, having purchased a 2 bed apartment in Canterbury for $600,000 a couple of years earlier (they still had a mortgage of a little under $500,000), and were really keen to buy another property, however they didn’t know if their income, each earning approximately $70,000 a year, would be enough.

After chatting with their mortgage broker they decided it was time to at least sit down with someone and have a conversation to find out what their options were (and that’s where their story started with us). 

When first meeting with Michael and Janice, our specialist wanted to understand what was important to them, both now and in the future.

﹖ Did they want to pay off the family home faster?

﹖ Have extra money to go on holiday each year?

﹖ Retire earlier?

﹖ Build a property portfolio?

The answers to these questions make a HUGE difference when searching for the right property to invest in.

PLUS the property type and finance structure needed to be exactly right so they could reach their goals as soon as possible without the unexpected roadblocks that many novice investors face.

Michael and Janice wanted an investment property that…

👉  Would pay for itself and even bring in some extra dollars (they really didn’t want to change their current lifestyle)

👉  Be in a desirable location (one that would experience capital growth)

👉  Something that would attract high-quality tenants and a good rental income (they’d heard nightmare stories of bad tenants and wanted to avoid them)

👉  Low maintenance and not have to spend any money on (older properties can drain the bank account with constant issues which eat into your profits)

The property they ended up purchasing in February last year, ticked all those boxes (plus more)

✅  2 bedroom townhouse in Meridan Plains on the Sunshine Coast QLD purchased for $425,000

✅  Positively geared – before and after tax, so it doesn’t cost them anything (and each year at tax time they get back about $6,000 – that’s cash straight back in their pocket)

✅  This property rents for $460 p/w to a professional couple on a 12-month lease

✅  It’s in a popular suburb of the Sunshine Coast with 11% growth over the past 12 months and a vacancy rate of 0.2% 

✅  It’s brand new with no maintenance or upkeep to worry about.

This property was the perfect investment starter to compliment their goal of building a strong property portfolio over the next 10 years. 

And since their first purchase in February last year, Michael and Janice have since been able to purchase another 2 investment properties (both houses in Geelong and Melbourne, Victoria) using a combination of equity and cash.

All three of their properties are positively geared, which means they’re not having to put their hand in their pocket each week to keep them. They pay for themselves.

This is also a big plus when it comes time to buy property number 4 (which won’t be too far away).

Michael and Janice were secretly hoping to purchase 1 property a year (however, they thought this was a pipe dream). 

They’ve now been able to purchase 3 properties in 16 months! 

As you can imagine, this equals some very happy investors. 🙌

The goal now is to keep building their portfolio with smart and strategic purchases that will help them retire much sooner than expected (most likely about 10 years sooner). 

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Our specialists are active investors with exceptional knowledge when it comes to buying property. With data driven research they'll help you pinpoint the right triple gain properties to compliment your investing goals (if you're not sure what your goals are yet, they can help you identify them too).
They specialise in investment properties that help you build wealth faster so you can grow your portfolio sooner. With a focus on cash-flow positive properties that put money back in your pocket so you can keep growing your property portfolio faster and retire sooner. Whether you want 1 investment property or a portfolio of multiple high performing properties, we can help.

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About The investor Accelerator

Daniel & Lisa Baxter | Property Investor Accelerator Co-creators

The Accelerator, a free national program to help, guide and support its members, so they can avoid some of the most common and costly mistakes when buying or building an investment property, was created by Daniel and Lisa Baxter who have both been in the industry for over a decade.

Daniel and Lisa started creating programs and hosting in person events, to help Australian residents find and purchase the right property, and receive the best expert advise, to match their investing goals and home ownership dreams. 

Originally focusing on helping first time buyers via their nationally recognised online program, The First Home Buyer Buddy, Daniel and Lisa went on to create the First Home Buyer Accelerator program in 2019, and Property Investor Accelerator in 2020, as a way to match buyers with the vetted, trusted, and experience property and finance specialists to guide them through the process of buying their first home or investment property. 

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